Re: TNC-Pi9k6 firmware

John G8BPQ

No, the TNC can use i2c for communication, but you have to configure it in the firmware, you can't change it with pitnc_setparams.

To enable i2c remove HOSTPORT from TeensyConfigPacket.h. You can change the i2c address by changing the #define I2CSLAVEADDR


On 06/03/2021 18:42, Mat Murdock wrote:
My understanding is I2C is just used for configuring the TNC but not for packet communication.  I think there was a post regarding that a couple of months ago.  If you want to stack multiple TNC-Pi9k6 you will need to grab a raspberry Pi 4 which has 6 UARTS and then connect them to the teensy.  This shouldn't be two hard to do with some jumper wires.

Pi 4 UART Info:


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