Re: New user, startup issues

Larry Macionski

Since you have a W10 machine. Eliminate the USB hub, Keyboard and mouse, by plugging it into the W10 machine and test.
Is the mouse arrow frozen or is the mouse missing? You really don't know till you try it elsewhere.
32Gb SD card on a RPI ZERO-W is a bit much when trying to get a minimal operational unit.
The operating system is far less than 2GB...
Try a smaller SD card - USE SD formatter... Not the QUICK FORMAT.. let it write the entire card..
on the W10 machine you can use DISK GENIUS to shake down that SD card.. Just be careful as DISK GENIUS can blow up a lot of stuff if you are not careful.
VILROS is a good company and what ever you discover, if you got it from them they should cover it.
Using a good DDVM check the supply voltage on the PRI ZERO-W...
Also on your phone WIFI Analyzer or (device scan on your router) may shed light if the CPU is running and you have WIFI..

Larry W8LM

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