Re: lost audio out in wsjt-x

David Ranch

It's TERRIBLE advice to other users to "never ever" patch your computers.  If they are connected to a network that can reach the Internet, you're putting your system at risk as there are just too many ways that computers can be compromised these days (web browsing, looking at PDF files, etc).  The primary way to keep your risks low is to keep them patched and reboot when required.  A pain?  Absolutely.  Necessary evil?  Absolutely!

The back up of SD cards is a good idea.  This is also very important as SD cards just aren't intended for any heavy duty write operations.  If they are used this way, it's only a matter of time before your SD card fails.  Current image backups will make moving to a new SD card very simple and painless.


On 01/22/2021 08:57 PM, bbillp wrote:
Once your Pi is working never ever do an UPDATE, it makes no sense unless there is an absolute requirement by the developer of the application software.   Create a backup image of your SD card once you are satisfied with operation.

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