Re: Ham Pi on Raspberry Pi 400

Marty Hartwell


I think the Ham Pi is maybe up to V3 or 4 now, it might be wise to try the latest issue.

I did try it out on V1 but found it was a little to much, way more than I wanted to use.

Marty kd8bj

On 1/2/21 2:54 PM, Bill Harden wrote:
Thank you Dave.  

I tried V2 several times with two different cards and it would crash during loading.  The image was about 1/2 the size of the V1 image which made me suspicious of the file.

Can you suggest a link to a known good V2 source and I'll give it another shot?

Bill K7HAR

On Sat, Jan 2, 2021, 11:18 AM Dave Wade <dave.g4ugm@...> wrote:


Assuming v1 has the drivers for the 400 Wi-Fi I expect its because V1.0 defaults to being an access point. You need to disable it. Instructions are here:-


V2 solves this problem. Any reason you didn’t use this?





From: <> On Behalf Of Bill Harden
Sent: 02 January 2021 18:55
Subject: [RaspberryPi-4-HamRadio] Ham Pi on Raspberry Pi 400


I have a new RP400 I'm trying to use with Hampi v 1.0.  Running the software that came with the computer, I have time/date updates, wifi and software updates.  Running Hampi 1.0, I don't get any of that.

I've spent several days looking for a solution without success.  I've hooked the 400 up to ethernet and can get on the web, but no luck with updates, time, or wifi.
As if I didn't have enough working against me, I'm also brand new to Linux.


Can anyone help?  Thanks!





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