Re: losing blue tooth on raspberry PI 4

David Ranch

Hello Jay,

I got this error when the program started and then I lost bluetooth:
raspberrypi kernel: v3d fec00000.v3d: MMU error from client L2T (0) at 0x3781000, pte invalid

Hmmm.. that error seems to be "xv" video related and NOT necessarily bluetooth related.  Maybe there were other bluetooth errors listed that you missed?  Could also be that you might need to turn on additional debugging in the bluetooth stack to get things logging. 

When this issue hits, do you only loose bluetooth keyboard and mouse functionality or does the video go out too?  If you're using Wifi on your Raspberry Pi, does it continue to work?  Googling this error brought up a few threads like:

   No solution given but reported by other users

   This thread talks about on the Rpi4 using one HDMI port $#1 vs #2 might matter

After changing the software's usb port the mouse and keyboard stopped locking,

I don't understand what you mean here.  What software are you talking about here?  skcclogger?  What did you change in it USB wise?  I did look a little at this skcclogger program but the Linux version is not posted on the website and instead, it seems people have to request a copy of it.  Does it natively run on Linux or are you using something like Wine or some other emulator to run it?  If I was to guess, this program is using the legacy "xv" video method in Xwindows for Linux and it's having some sort of issue.


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