Re: HamPi image won't boot in RPi 400 #w3djs

Basil Gunn

Jim, > As far as looking at IP address on the router or the ssh that is not in my skill set now. > It boots fine on the original SD OS card that came with the RPi 400. Boot the original SD OS card. Look at the 'Welcome to Raspberry Pi' splash screen above the 'Next' button on the right hand side should be an ip address. Then google 'ssh app' for whatever OS Windows/MAC/Linux you are using.

The screen on on the monitor does get have some boot up info on there for a short time but afterwards goes to sleep.

Points to a monitor configuration problem. When you boot your original SD OS card, copy or print the /boot/config.txt file. After booting the HamPi image, ssh into your RPi 400 from another machine and look at all the HDMI config lines to see they match your reference from the original SD OS.

that is not in my skill set now. Give it a try, if it doesn't catch on fire, you are probably not doing enough. :)

/Basil n7nix

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