Re: HDSDR on Raspberry Pi

Alan Melia

Bruce I think you may be mistaken ? I dont think it is a spelling errror. There was a development in the UK called High Performance SDR (I believe) There is no reference at all on github to HDSDR.

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Sent: Friday, December 04, 2020 4:49 PM
Subject: [RaspberryPi-4-HamRadio] HDSDR on Raspberry Pi

For those of you running HDSDR on Windows, do you want to run on the Raspberry Pi?

I found this link:  which appears to be a port to RPi.  Not by the authors (current) of the HDSDR.  Also note the mispelling (HP rather than HD).  I haven't tried it but some have posted that they have.  Gonna give it a try myself.

BruceN / K4TQL

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