Re: FLDIGI pausing during psk31

Chuck M

found another work around.  Hooked the CAT control to a separate RPi in my shack and started up flrig.

then changed the address for flrig from the internal 127... in fldigi to the other RPi.  Seems to be working fine.

can sit in the shack and watch both monitors, or log in remotely with vnc viewer to use either one.

Still will be trying to figure out if it is a RFI issue or a quirk in fldigi version.  Maybe use a separate micro SD card with clean install of the programs to see if there are any issues that way.

Thanks and 73s

On Tuesday, December 1, 2020, 03:59:14 PM EST, Chuck M via <cam51mail@...> wrote:

Found if I turn off rig control, all seems to work fine.  does not freeze up.  Possibly one of those 'undocumented features' in the latest software for doing rig control with a lower end radio. 

Will continue to do some testing, with and without rig control, and maybe adding some additional ferrites on the wiring to the radio and rpi.

Other suggestions are welcome.


On Tuesday, December 1, 2020, 08:33:12 AM EST, Greg Engle <gfe@...> wrote:

Sounds like you’re getting RF into the system.

With my Icom 7000 I can not run over 50 watts, even with toroids. This is a portable setup using a vertical.





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Subject: [RaspberryPi-4-HamRadio] FLDIGI pausing during psk31


Running fldigi 4.1.12 on a RPi 4B+.   


Checked to verify OS version, confirmed V10 buster.  have done updates and upgrades so system should have latest and greatest for the OS.  Avoid having other programs running other than web browser for checking pskreporter and qrz for ham lookups.


Radio is a Connect Systems CS-108G.  Similar to the XIEGU 108G.   Define radio in fldigi as either an Icom IC-7000 or IC-7200 for the setup because there is no XML file for my radio.  It's manual states to use the 7000 for emulation for rig control.   Using Signalink sound card interface.


Radio info, see top two photos on this link:  Connect Systems


Connect Systems




Problem occurs both when using CAT control from fldigi, or using flrig to control radio and linking flidigi to flrig.


Issue occurs both during mostly during transmitting, and less often receiving.  will click on macro to send info.  it transmits for a few seconds, pauses and radio goes into receive mode, then back to transmit for a while, pauses w receive mode, and this continues.  Sometimes it will not restart.  pressing the up and down arrow keys may or may not restart it.


will also occur when receiving.  All will be going well, good decode and clear copy.  then it will freeze up.  Sometimes have to reboot to get it going again.


Sometimes it will run fine without problems for several hours.   Other times it acts up right away.  Any help will be much appreciated.  





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