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Alan Melia

From my experience on and yahoo the intent is to build a list of group memberships the you can sell. then a spammer will hit the list with ''Hey read this'' and a URL. I guess these days those messages will get deleted by most but the odd inquisative or careless member may infect his haching anf then post virused messages. I suppse it is possible to build a zombie network like that that can be controlled from Russia or China.....
So please moderator put this one on moderation for a few messages and ban for obvious spam attempts.

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You have to wonder what "she" would be gaining by spamming this topic, though. I agree it looks like a spambot, but maybe it's just someone's idea of an efficient way to contact the most people about learning about the Raspberry Pi. Kind of fishing for mentors. Although in a ham radio group that's like fishing with dynamite. You will get lots of replies ;-)  
Charles Rich

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