Re: APRSDroid over Bluetooth to RaspberryPiZeroW as a TNC #direwolf #pi #tnc #bluetooth

David Ranch

When you try to do a BT pairing from your smartphon? to your Raspberry Pi, what command is erroring out and with what error?


On 11/11/2020 03:53 PM, greencane372@... wrote:

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W loaded with Direwolf as a TNC for an HT UV-5R.  I would like to use this Pi/Direwolf as a TNC which is much improved over an APRS cable due to the availability of the PTT GPIO and not needing to use VOX.  I can successfully get the setup working using KISS on Direwolf and connecting over Wifi when my phone and Pi are on the same wifi network.  I would like to do the same over Bluetooth if possible but when configuring Bluetooth SPP on the phone, it is not connecting correctly to the Pi.

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