Re: qsstv - Issue solved

David Ranch

Hello Larrie,

Good to hear you got things working.  I would recommend to send an email to on4qz (author of QSSTV) to let him know about this weird behavior (best described earlier in this thread)  and maybe the tool can notify the user that rig control is malfunctioning.  That might then clue the user into any issues being seen.


On 11/11/2020 07:15 PM, Larrie wrote:

Hi David

I solved the issue. 

I have qsstv running on a laptop under Ubuntu 20.04.  In looking at the configuration for the CAT control, I noticed in the hamlib setup besides the field for the radio being used is one for the CI-V address.  In the Ubuntu set up this was left blank as I didn’t know what it was for the FT-817.  But on the Raspberry Pi set up to a Icom-7000, I put in the CI-V address.  So, I thought maybe I should not put this in, so deleted it.  Now the program works fine, no issues.

I conclude that having that address listed along with the rig selected in the field above it created some sort of conflict, causing all of the issue I originally listed.

This after hours of looking into this and even re-installing the program.

Thanks for you suggestions.  Appreciated it.


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