Re: New MFJ TNC-PI (maybe) ALTERNATIVE at Less Cost.


It's true the same thing can be fabricated cheaper, which is what I do here, but for $35 the DINAH is actually a good deal.  A big plus with the DINAH is that the onboard GPIO pin on the CM108/119 chip which can be used for PTT by Direwolf, SoundModem, and others, is already set up for PTT.  It's extremely difficult to solder to that pin when home-brewing... and the pin isn't soldered to the board itself on the Ebay sound cards (at least the ones I've worked on), so it breaks off very easily if the wire isn't secured first.

One trick when homebrewing with the Ebay cards is to not remove the IN/OUT jacks and instead loop the wires through them for strain-relief, and solder to the pads on top of the jacks.

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