Re: New MFJ TNC-PI (maybe) ALTERNATIVE at Less Cost.

Larry Macionski

Additionally the DINAH comes with a 6pin mini DIN to 6 pin mini DIN cable to plug directly into about 25 radio's without modification. I have built a number of USB sound FOB's and I find that ,"dead bug" soldering things like PTT transistors and then encapsulating the project to insure good mechanic-ability.The DINA offers a PC board that all radio connections leaving the board go through a 6pin DIN socket to a pre-made cable. I bet you solder the cable to "dead bug" points and solder pads of removed audio jacks. I've seen those solder pads lift.
Look at it this way. For a few dollars more-
You get a known good sound chip, not some unknown "fake" chip knockoff. It plugs into the RPI.. It has a socket for the cable and so does your radio. Do you don't have to make a cable.  When it come to trouble shooting,  You can by substitution quickly determine where the problem lies. After all the SD card is socketed. So you can try an other SD card, another RPI, another USB port, another DINAH, another Cable, another radio... 
You never know what is in the $3 USB sound FOB, and the minute it's cracked open it's yours.
Finally, Given my introduction into ALLSTAR was with locals using DMK URIx's at $85 a copy.. A DINAH at $35 seems like a bargain and do it your self EBAY special my not be worth the time.  Plus your supporting a Michigan cottage entrepreneur.

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