Re: configure tnc-pi on polaric server(java app)

k - HJ4JGG


Yes, this is one of the problems that I detect.

you cannot use pitnc_getparams or pitnc_setparams if RF is enabled on the polaric server. This will generate conflict with the port.
if you use it, polaric is not able to open it because there is a lock file from another application.

yes  it take me some time to get this 
im using
/dev/ttyS0  thats point to serial0

2. 5.    yes i enable serial port and disable serial console, so i can access tnc pi  ,
3. ttysS80 was a test to simlink another number. . . . . .
4. it's definitely a ports/user/group problem
Last, no graphical environment, only console

actual working permissions

it is currently working, but I really don't know which of all the changes was the solution. : D
I attach the .bash_history    here all the log

these are the changes that i think helped fix the problem.

sudo chmod 666 /dev/serial0
sudo chown root:polaric /dev/serial0
sudo usermod -aG uucp polaric
sudo usermod -aG uucp pi
sudo chmod o+rw /dev/ttyS0

I'm going to do another laboratory to configure another rpi with tnc_pi and verify in order which commands should be used, or if there is no need to make any changes in the configuration: S

here current setup

Thanks for the help

pd: here a ppt about polaric APRS server

El 22/10/2020 a las 9:39 a. m., Randy Greig escribió:
Is it possible that the port is open in another application and java just says that it cannot find it?

On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 8:55 AM k - HJ4JGG via <> wrote:

i am configuring an app called polaric server, it's like a APRS node whit web interface and other functionalities. a java app.
using a TNC-PI v1 connected to a Rpi3b+, via serial port.

i can access to tncpi via serial0

the java app can not access the port serial0

okt. 21 14:19:10 ERROR (TncChannel): [rf0] Serial port /dev/serial0 not found at at no.polaric.aprsd.TncChannel.connect( at at java.base/

here port serial0 permission

How is the correct way to configure the port permissions so that the java application can access the port?

about polaric server

Thanks for the help

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