Re: configure tnc-pi on polaric server(java app)

Randy Greig

Is it possible that the port is open in another application and java just says that it cannot find it?


On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 8:55 AM k - HJ4JGG via <> wrote:

i am configuring an app called polaric server, it's like a APRS node whit web interface and other functionalities. a java app.
using a TNC-PI v1 connected to a Rpi3b+, via serial port.

i can access to tncpi via serial0

the java app can not access the port serial0

okt. 21 14:19:10 ERROR (TncChannel): [rf0] Serial port /dev/serial0 not found at at no.polaric.aprsd.TncChannel.connect( at at java.base/

here port serial0 permission

How is the correct way to configure the port permissions so that the java application can access the port?

about polaric server

Thanks for the help

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