Re: New MFJ TNC-PI (maybe) ALTERNATIVE at Less Cost.

Martin Cooper

And the point I was making is that DINAH is basically just a USB sound fob, so of course it can be used with Direwolf, just as almost all sound cards can. As for cost, I personally feel that $35+ for a USB sound fob kit is rather a lot when I can buy one that works well for a couple of dollars on eBay and modify it for a dollar or two in parts. However, I do realise that many will appreciate the prebuilt and pretested nature of DINAH, especially if they want an Allstar interface.

I do agree that interesting things are happening, and that the PiHat is one of those interesting things.


On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 6:52 AM Lawrence Macionski via <> wrote:

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The point I was making is DINAH can be used with / for DIREWOLF. It's just been done and reported elsewhere. DINAH cost as a kit or Assembled is far less than a MFJ TNC-PI. introduced a PI HAT SHARI the last few days. So interesting things are taking place.

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