New MFJ TNC-PI (maybe) ALTERNATIVE at Less Cost.

Larry Macionski

I have been using a HAM RADIO PROJECTS DINAH to access ALLSTAR on a Raspberry PI. Excellent product, Excellent cottage industry out of Michigan.

Just today on --DINAH blog, -Mike KJ7OWD indicated that the DINAH works perfect with DIREWOLF as a APRS I-GATE...
This was just posted TODAY and CAVEAT -all of it's capabilities have not been uncovered or documented. 

I have run the TNC-PI with XASTIR years ago, but understand DIREWOLF is more robust.

The DINAH is available as a kit ($35+$8 ship), or assembled ($45+$8ship) and comes with a 6pin to 6 pin DIN cable that plugs into many 2-way ham radio data ports, such as my Yaesu FT-817 or Kenwood TM-V7A.  Preliminary as it is, it is less expensive that the MFJ.
Info on the DINAH

They also make a SHARI - same idea except it comes with a 300-500MW VHF or UHF transceiver for local operation.

So let the experimenting begin.....

Larry W8LM

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