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seems to me that the whole purpose of Pi is to be a reasonably priced learning tool.
Linux isn't the easiest which I can well understand since we have all been dumbed down by iPads(iOSs) and WinDoze.
perhaps a good tutorial for Linux might be of help.
Just my 2 cents worth ...

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Why not just give Kerry an SD card with a working version of ax25 and whatever else he needs. Then he can just plug it in and fire up his system I'm sure he would pay the modest cost of the SD card to get a working setup!

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The fact that many have fbb working on the Pi must surely suggest you are missing something or you are doing something wrong. Your statement that ax25 tools won't install further suggests you are missing something or you are doing something wrong. Did you install from deb (repository) packages or did you compile from sources. I've had no difficulty compiling kernel ax25 on the Pi - libax25, ax25-tools and ax25-apps - running Raspbian kernel. I've had no need for fbb since I closed my BBS (linfbb) about four years ago so haven't tried to get it to work on the Pi. Have you subscribed to the linfbb mailing list for fbb specific help? The list is active.

Ask specific questions, provide error messages and, you'll probably get the help you need. Get kernel ax25 working before you attempt to get fbb working.

BTW, DOS was stolen from Unix, and stuffed up in the process.

Ray vk2tv

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Greetings to all

to be blunt I am totally over Linux and have wasted much time on trying to make it work with fbb. Many hams have it working and regardless of my typing the exact some commands as they do it doesn't work. I have reinstalled the pi version of Linux 6 times today and configured it up with out a problem however the one program that I want to run will not nor will the ax25 tools install on my pi for whatever reason.
I have also built several tncpis to go with the two units I have here but am dead in the water because I cannot get even one raspberry working.

So before I ditch this project into the trash can is there another operating system available such as Dos that will at least have logical paths etc that a Dos based person like myself can understand.

Linux has totally confused me to the point where I have had enough.

kind regards Kerry VK4TUB

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