Re: Powering the Raspberry & TNC.

Ray Wells

I bought 5, smps adjustable output modules using the LM2596 from Ebay ($1.52 each including freight from Hong Kong to Australia!). These are branded Leivin and the PCB layout and circuit is as per the National Semi datasheet. A preliminary test with a 1A load showed a very noisy output on the CRO. When time permits I'll try the NS recommendation of an LC filter in the output. I think the device has potential but not "off the shelf" for running the RPi.

Ray vk2tv

On 05/04/13 00:58, Roger Elmore wrote:

Charles wrote:
> I am looking at another device to replace the converter because
> this device is not adjustable and is set for 5 V. I need to
> increase that to 5.25 to compensate for the drop across the
> polyfuse.

I've begun collecting the parts for a pair of PI+TNC-PI combos (for an APRX digi/IGate and a Linux RMS Gateway) in a rack mount case powered from the same Astron RS-50M as the two radios and going to give the $7 LM2596 module (bought from Amazon) a try. 3-40V in and 1.5-35V out at 3A. My plan is to use a separate LM2596 fused at 1A for each PI's input, with a 6A rear panel accessible fuse common to the 13.8V input of each LM2596 and a 80mm fan. Here goes nothing...

On a different note, has anyone experimented with light pipes to bring the PI's LED status to the front panel of a chassis? I've used the Bivar SLP3-450-100-F on a NHRC Micro repeater controller previously but the LEDs on the PI are too close together for those. I was looking at the flexible Bivar LC-2.0 at the Mouser website and was wondering if those might work. Any input from anyone?
Roger KJ4AJP

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