Re: Light Pipes (was: Re: Powering the Raspberry & TNC)

Roger Elmore

That seems to be the concept of the LC-2.0, but it has a 1mm fiber rather than a MM's 62.5um so it's 16 times the diameter for more light output. And since the panel side already has a lens, at less than a dollar each it would be worth not having to take a Dremel cutting wheel to the ends of LEDs to glue them to the fiber. I bit the bullet and have 15 LC-2.0 Bivar's on the way, it won't be the first time I've put something in the spare parts box that didn't work out.

But the Bivar's spec sheet doesn't show how the other side is terminated (if at all), so it looks like I may still be measuring, milling and drilling some kind of shroud to hold the ends over the LEDs on the PI. Sure would be nice if someone had something folks could buy off-the shelf...
Roger KJ4AJP

How about some old MM fiber patch cable (no ends) and shave the
tops off of some panel leds to scatter the light? Not very
modular, down and dirty.

Matt - N0GIK

On a different note, has anyone experimented with light pipes
to bring
the PI's LED status to the front panel of a chassis? I've used
Bivar SLP3-450-100-F on a NHRC Micro repeater controller
but the LEDs on the PI are too close together for those. I was
looking at the flexible Bivar LC-2.0 at the Mouser website and
was wondering if those might work.
Any input from anyone?
Roger KJ4AJP

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