How to set up TNC-Pi9k6

Bill AA6BD

I got a TNC-Pi9k6 from WVCARC as I wanted a backup to the TNC-Pi I have but is no longer available. Until I need it as a replacement, I want to use it for APRS.

I have a running PiGate RMS gateway, based on BPQ32, that uses the TNC-Pi and when I checked its configuration, it uses port /dev/serial0. I verified that the TNC-PI9k6 works with PiGateRMS by plugging it in to the same system running the TNC-Pi, and it worked fine. Then I used another Raspberry Pi where I want to run YAAC, and used the same SD card for PiGate RMS and it worked there, too.

When I try to use this same device on the YAAC APRS system, after shutting down PiGate RMS, and using a new copy of Raspberry Pi OS, it reports an exception when I try to configure port serial-TNC to use /dev/serial0.
"unable to open Serial_TNC connection /dev/serial0"

I tried /dev/ttyS0 and /dev/tyAMA0 but I have the same problem with them.

What device should I use to be able to connect the TNC-Pi9k6 to YAAC's TNC setup?
Is there another APRS client for Raspberry Pi that would work with the TNC-Pi9k6?
Bill AA6BD

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