Re: porta pi FT8

Charles Albert

Hiw did you configure for /dev/ttyUSB0 ?

On Sun, Sep 20, 2020, 11:40 Bruce <w4bru@...> wrote:
I use a 3b for CQRlog and fldigi by USB cable to an IC-7300. I'm planning JS8Call. I have no interest in FT8 but JS8Call is a QSO using FT8 as the base. When using fldigi I was getting both a temperature warning and a power warning. For the temperature warning I bought after-market heat sinks and that problem went away. For the power shortage I took the 2.5 amp, 5 volt power supply for an old Roku device and changed the end to the proper USB plug. I did install the newer Buster version of the OS anticipating JS8Call. The CPU usage graph shows it at nearly idle even with a full fldigi decode going on.The Pi seems to have plenty of power for that use.

I had to experiment with the audio output "volume" settings for the transceiver "audio" (called CODEC on my Pi) until I got a decent waterfall level. Then the decoding went well. That need to change the audio seems to depend on whether flrig or fldigi in controlling the transceiver.

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