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I just picked up the FE-PI V2 board.  I think it was 15 bucks or so.  Very nice, works perfectly with direwolf

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Thanks for the reply! I am checking out the link while drinking coffee now. I will say this though. Las Vegas has ONE rx/tx iGate and it is on the FAR south side of the valley 22 miles from where I live. It only puts out 9 watts (according to so I can't reliably receive data from it. There is another one way iGate about half way between me and the other. Now, north of me there is NOTHING until you Reno or Ely to gate a packet. I feel that adding even TWO more rx/tx iGates in the valley will really help the entire network. Apparently the iGate south of town is getting over 40,000 packets a month and is gating everything from northern AZ, California, and all of central and southern NV. With it only putting out 9 watts a lot of those messages do not get replied. 

I have seen that unfortunately it is higher than I want to spend on this project. If I cannot find another solution though I will go that way. 

Thanks for the clarification. I will look at sound card options. 

I read the article from N1AAE and that's where I got the idea for using RBPI. I don't want to go with an HT because it will be going in my attic crawl space so I don't want to use a battery eliminator and I would like to get more than 5 watts on the air. I am hoping for something closer to 25-50 watts. I hope to hear you on the air! I occasionally get to use my work radio and chat on 20m. I made my first HF contact during the Indy 500 Contest. It was really cool! I am hoping next year I can get a mobile HF rig. Maybe then I will spend more time learning CW. 

Thanks for all the replies so far. I have some homework to do. If anyone has more to add please do!

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