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On Wed, Sep 9, 2020, 21:50 <KJ7OWD@...> wrote:
Hello group!

I live in Vegas and am realizing that the iGate network here is severely lacking. With your help I want to set up a Rx/Tx iGate using Raspberry Pi. I just ordered my Pi 4 starter kit and am waiting to send out an email about radio's to the local club until I get a better idea on how I can interface the Tx portion to my Pi 4. The unit I ordered does come with a 4 pole stereo audio input so I am guessing I will not need a sound card hat, I think?

There are so many posts here and I am new to I was wondering if y'all could help point me in the right direction. My goal is to run a single band antenna off of the roof of my two story house and leave my radio and Pi running in the crawl space. I already have power up there and have some idea's on where to run the coax. 

Any knowledge you would like to impart would be great! Power suggestions, radio suggestions, ways to get the radio to interface with Pi, anything you can think of would be helpful. 

Thanks in advance!

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