Re: Where to start? #pi

Terry L. Morris

Hello Mike,
I have no experience with iGate network but I am schooled in Internet networking. The latter not really important. I searched this forum for iGate network and found nothing. I left this forum and went to DuckDuckGo and searched for iGate network.

I found Curtiss Mann, N1AAE of Madison, IN that has an iGate through APRS and tells how to build it for under $100. The URL is:  APRS RX/TX iGate and digipeater for less than $100.

Have you checked for iGate's in the Las Vegas area? It would be prudent to do so. You might that your area, Las Vegas, is already saturated with sufficient iGates and learn from those have them in use.

I quickly read Curtiss' webpage and it seems doable if you have interest in that party of this glorious hobby. I prefer CW on HF and bands above.
Best 73,

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