Re: TNC-Pi9k6 reset

John G8BPQ

I doubt if the reset is needed, but can’t speak for all software. It isn’t
used by linbpq.

73, John G8BPQ

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Sent: 07 September 2020 00:36
Subject: [RaspberryPi-4-HamRadio] TNC-Pi9k6 reset

Hi All,
Putting together the tower of Babel for all my digital needs LOL.  
Using my 8GB Pi4, TNC-pi9K6, FE-PI audio board, and a Nexus DR-X dual radio
controller.  It allows 2 radios to be used with the sound card TNC etc.
With this combo, I could potentially be running 3 radios independently from
1 Pi.  The issue I am having, is GPIO18, Pin 12 of the Pi's GPIO header is
used by the TNC-Pi9K6 as a reset pin.  The FE-PI uses it as a PCM clock for
the audio... so, once the overlay for the FE-PI is loaded, the Teensy in the
TNC-Pi9K6 is held in a continuous resetting condition. 
My Question is, do I need really need a hardware reset from the Pi for the
Teensy?  I can cut the trace and put a physical push button on the TNC-Pi9K6
if it is needed.

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