Re: Configuring W3DJS V1.0 Direwolf questions.

Dennis Blanchard

My latest progress on this Direwolf adventure: David, when I looked at your options I realized that maybe there was a 4th one. The FT-8** transceivers do have bit rates that can be adjusted to other than the default 4800 bps. I tried a few others and found that 38400 works with Direwolf! As soon as I hit that bit rate, the transmitter went into action.

Oddly, I couldn't receive a thing on the APRS frequency of 144.390 Mhz. It seemed to stop working when the transmitter started working. In the end, it was nothing to do with the Direwolf and more to do with hurricane Laura going by the region. The winds had knocked over my two meter antenna on the roof and grounded it. I couldn't see it until I went up there.

At present am seeing my beacon on so, at long last, there is some progress. Now I have to study up on how all this APRS stuff works, I know almost nothing about it at this point. At least I am not seeing any red messages in Direwolf and am seeing lots of traffic.!mt=roadmap&z=13&lat=27.2580&lng=-82.5063&timerange=3600&tail=3600

Thanks for all the help, sorry I was such a dummy. The Direwolf manual is a daunting piece of work and I have much studying to do.

Dennis, K1YPP

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