Re: None of my Pi's are showing on network _ HELP

Marty Hartwell


Another way to hear that is, you changed you ISP or the old router needed to be

changed out with another one.So I agree we need more information.

Marty kd8bj

On 8/30/20 11:55 AM, Mark Griffith via wrote:
Well, you may have unintentionally opened a big can or worms.

When you say you "changed my router", what exactly did you change?

What operating system (OS) software are you installing on the Raspberry Pi?  Raspbian Buster I hope.

If you have installed a standard version of Raspbian, and are connecting to your network with Ethernet cables, then there is nothing that you need to do.  If you are trying to use WiFi, then you just need to modify one file and it should connect.

The issue is what did you do to the router?  Make changes in DHCP?  SSID name?  Password?


On Sunday, August 30, 2020, 11:06:52 AM CDT, Grover Cleveland via <k7tp@...> wrote:

I need your help, Pi gurus.
After I changed my router none of the PI's that I use for Ham Radio show up.
I know what you are about to say - you have to change the settings for the network.
Here's what I have done without luck:
  1. Reinstalled the images to micro sd cards
  2. Changed the wpa_supplicant file to the appropriate settings
  3. Created the blank ssh file
  4. Installed the SD cards and rebooted each device
  5. Ran an ip scanner
  6. Connected an ethernet cable to my pc from the devices.
  7. Connected the Pi's directly to the router with Ethernet

Nada. - nothing

The PI's are 3B, 4 (4gb), and a jumbospot.
Thanks in advance

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