Re: Configuring W3DJS V1.0 Direwolf questions.

David Ranch

I think you have a few options:

   Option 1: Setup Hamlib's rigctld daemon which is a client/server system.  WIth this, you would re-configure Direwolf to communicate to rigctld using rig type "2".  Then you configure and run rigctld to communicate to your FT817 with the required serial port speed.  See Direwolf's UserGuide for some hints but configuring rigctld itself isn't covered there.  Check out on how to get that going.

   Option 2: Stop trying to use CAT-based PTT and instead, use classic serial port based PTT control using say the RTS signal.  This working or not will depend if your serial adapter includes hardware flow control signals like RTS, CTS, etc.  This change WILL require you to create an adapter to connect that RTS signaling pin to the PTT line on the FT817's "PTT" pin on the 6 pin "DATA" connector
   Option 3: It looks like the missing serial speed configuration could be hard coded into line 1005 of src/ptt.c for now but the proper fix would be to enhance the processing of the direwolf.conf to learn of the additional settings there


On 08/28/2020 10:10 PM, Dennis Blanchard via wrote:
Your suspicion is correct David, it does not work if I remove the speed parameter, it just hangs there until I hit control-C.

Is there a possible work around for this?

Dennis, K1YPP

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