Re: Fldigi on Pi4 after update and upgrade

Mark Griffith

Unfortunately, you have been caught by the process of doing an Linux update/upgrade.  This is a problem with open-sourced software in that you don't know what changes are made to what software packages during an upgrade.  It's also unfortunate that going back to a configuration from before the upgrade is very difficult to do, if possible at all.

This is the reason why you should take a backup image of your SD card before doing an upgrade.  Sorry, I know this doesn't help you now.

You best options would be either download the development source code for FLDIGI, compile that, and see if it fixes your problem, or re-install the previous version of Raspbian and FLDIGI and see if you can get it working there.  If that works, do some updates/upgrades with caution.  Make sure to do regular backups of the entire OS image onto a disk file.

Using the packages that can be installed via the apt-get process will not give you the very latest application software, but it has been tested with the existing versions of Raspbian.

And let me express again the absolute necessity of doing backups before you install any software updates or upgrades to prevent painting yourself into a corner.  This is especially important with Linux but still also applies to Windows.


On Thursday, August 27, 2020, 7:26:06 AM CDT, Walter <w9kjo@...> wrote:

Thought I had this correct by rolling back but not so.

About have the time when I click on the macro, the text appears in the Send window and as it sends the TXID the send window will clear all on its own and Fldigi will send a plain carrier.  this is in Contestia 4/150.

I dont see a group for Fldigi on the Pi4 just for windows.  is there a better group to post on Fldigi on the Pi4?

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