Fldigi on Pi4 after update and upgrade


I am running flidigi 4.1.14, flamp 2.2.04, Flrig 1.3.51 on my Pi4B with TS 2000

I has been a while since I did an update and upgrade on my Pi4 so i did that last night.  Now when I hit my Macro it begins to TX and as it starts to send the text inserted in the TX window by the macro disappears and the software just keys the rig and sends the fldigi 4/250 carrier but the text quickly disappeared.

There does not appear to be anything in the macro to cause this behavior.

I tried typing text in the TX window and when I right click and hit transmit the text disappears as soon as Fldigi starts to TX.

What would cause this strange behavior?

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Walter Huyck

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