Re: Dragon w/IC-7100 Icom Packet/ARDOP/Packet

John G8BPQ


It would be better to ask questions about BPQ on the BPQ32 forum.

Normally with the Dragon 7800 VHF packet would be on a separate radio and
would not normally involve scanning as VHF packet is generally allows
multiple connects.

You can run packet and pactor on the same port, but normally this would be
on hf and the Dragon only supports Robust Packet, not normal 300 baud
packet. In this (Robust Packet) mode scanning is stopped when a user
connects. It may be possible to configure so that BPQ thinks you are using
Robust Packet even with the TNC set to 1200 baud. If you send me the SCS
port section of your bpq32.cfg I'll see if I can find a way to do this. If
not it will probably need a code change. I do have a 7100 and a Dragon but
am currently away from home so can't test it myself.

John G8BPQ

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Subject: [RaspberryPi-4-HamRadio] Dragon w/IC-7100 Icom Packet/ARDOP/Packet

I'm working on a SCS-7800 Dragon. The OS is Raspi-OS on a PI 3B+, latest
BPQ(20.1) connected to a IC-7100 Icom.

PacTor, ARDOP, and packet; all connect and send receive traffic to

Scan starts and stops on PacTor and ARDOP ports. The packet port on the
Dragon does not stop the scan.

I've been thru the doc's and don't see any reference to packet on the Dragon
except for Channels and TXD.

I set RIGCONTROL to a long delay(15 sec) on the packet channel(VHF) and
short scan time on the HF ports(3 sec).

When a connect comes in on packet, how do I tell BPQ to stop on freq till
the packet connection is done.

Should I use the same port on the Dragon for Packet and PacTor? The 13 pin
on the Dragon is wired to the ACC port on the radio and the main audio on
the Dragon goes to the mini din on the radio. Everything works except scan
stop on packet.

Thanks in advanced for any help.


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