Re: Configuring W3DJS V1.0 Direwolf questions.

David Ranch

Hello Dennis,

"Hamlib Error: rig_set_ptt command for channel 0 PTT Communication timed out."
I'm using the Pi with an FT-817ND, CAT-62 Yaesu cable. The direwolf.conf file has:
PTT RIG 1020 /dev/ttyUSB0

Did you setup the right access permissions for this serial port?  It seems the Direwolf UserGuide has missed this but assuming you log into your Raspberry Pi as user "k1ypp"  (it's NOT recommended to use the "pi" account), you would do:

   sudo usermod -G dialout k1ypp

Once that's setup, you need either log out of that account and log back in or better yet, just reboot the Rpi.

I've also tried RIG 1022 and /dev/ttyS0, to no avail. With the ttyS0 there is a Direwolf startup error message, and none with the USB0 device, so it does seem to see the device.

Whenever you see errors on the terminal window, please include them in your support request.  Those messages are CRITICAL to give you effective support.

The rig does key from FLdigi, FLrig and WSJT-X using /dev/ttyUSB0. It only fails with the Hamlib error in Direwolf.

Ok.. how are you keying things with Fldigi?  Are you using Flrig?  If so, that's a different method than hamlib.  WSJT-X brings in it's OWN version of Hamlib.  Did you know what version that includes today?

What version of hamlib and hamlib-devel do you have installed?   What version of Direwolf do you have installed?  Does it have Hamlib support built in?   What would be best is you to copy/paste in the output in the terminal when Direwolf starts up.

I've entered this same problem on the Ham-Pi group, but it has been several days and there were no responses.

The issue there is that the HamPi group is for issues SPECIFIC to using that image.  Once you have problems with the individual programs, it's doubtful if you'll get support there.  Technically speaking this question should be posted on the email list for BEST support.

What else could I possibly look at to make this work? I'm so close, but no cigar.
Oh, I also tried Xastir and see the same failure message.

Please copy/paste in the failure message.  Without it, we'll all just guessing what you might be seeing.


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