Re: Configuring W3DJS V1.0 Direwolf questions.

Dennis Blanchard

I'm still not having any success with Direwolf and the Raspberry Pi. I have made some progress though.
It now shows received data in the Direwolf interface. I have set up YAAC  and have a map showing my station and some local stations on 144.390, APRS stations.
I've tried to enable the beacon on YAAC and whenever it tries to transmit, I get the error message:
"Hamlib Error: rig_set_ptt command for channel 0 PTT Communication timed out."
I'm using the Pi with an FT-817ND, CAT-62 Yaesu cable. The direwolf.conf file has:
PTT RIG 1020 /dev/ttyUSB0
I've also tried RIG 1022 and /dev/ttyS0, to no avail. With the ttyS0 there is a Direwolf startup error message, and none with the USB0 device, so it does seem to see the device.
The rig does key from FLdigi, FLrig and WSJT-X using /dev/ttyUSB0. It only fails with the Hamlib error in Direwolf.
I've entered this same problem on the Ham-Pi group, but it has been several days and there were no responses.
What else could I possibly look at to make this work? I'm so close, but no cigar.
Oh, I also tried Xastir and see the same failure message.
Dennis, K1YPP

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