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I have box of many TNC-PI.  See the photo.   
We are no longer adding TNC-PI to the NCPACKET network so these are surplus to my needs.  

The person who wants this set is probably maintaining existing software for APRS or WinLink or something and needs TNC-PI and nothing else will do.  This collection is excellent for building a test bench and tons of spare parts and maybe start several APRS stations. 

These are Coastal Chipworks TNCs.  They were used for TARPN nodes.  They don’t have the stackable pass-thru connectors and some significant unsoldering would be needed to put one on for most of the boards.  There are at least 2 exceptions where very little de-soldering would be needed.  The collection has at least 15 TNC-PI.  These will work for 1200 baud packet with a Raspberry PI but you’ll be using a ribbon cable, 2x5 ribbon is what TARPN used.  

These are various vintage from Raspberry PI 1B days all the way up to the latest TARPN version green-board.  All have the same 4 socketed ICs as standard and the same wiring to pins 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8, 9, 10 of the Raspberry PI expansion connector, which is all you need to make them work on a Raspberry PI with a 2x5 ribbon cable.   Pin 7 was taken for Receive Audio monitoring on almost all of the boards.  

These are taken from service in 4-port nodes, working.  Replaced by NinoTNCs.  If you are interested in these at all, send me an email to tadd@... or my email address: KA2DEW.   I’m thinking about $150+shipping for the lot including everything in the photo but the chair.  I’d prefer to off the bunch of them.  

See this link: 
and scroll down for descriptions and photos of the various TNC-PI vintages and how TARPN used them.  None of these boards have the LED mod shown in some of the photos.  All the LEDs face straight up like stock TNC-PI

If you manage a bunch of TNC-PI, just the salvageable parts in this collection may be interesting.  Included are 8 or more extra programmed (by Coastal) CPUs.  in the box (and the photo) are a pair of Raspberry PI 2B (one in a Zebra-case).  

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