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Also, put the jumpers JP3 and JP4 on the 2 pins closest to the labels JP3 and JP4.  on the next two pins they are connected to serial port 3 on the Teensy, not serial port 1.

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So, after the tip from N5XMT, I gave it a ./pitnc_getparams 1 30 and the result is:
pitnc_getparams Version

   TNC Software Version           6
01 TXDelay - Zero means use ADC 255
02 Persistance                  255
03 Slottime (in 10 mS)          255
04 TXTail                       255
05 Full Duplex - Not used       255
06 Our Channel (Hex)             ff
07 I2C Address (0 = async) Hex   ff
08 Mode Speed                  25500
09 RX Level (Config)            255
10 TX Level                     255
11 RX Level (Actual)            255
13 Centre Freq                 2550
8 6 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff e c0 sum 0

In other words, it does work via I2C. That is a relief as now I know that most of my soldering is done correctly. The only thing what still doesn't work is the serial connection. Jumper wise (picture them in the top left on the board as seen from above I placed them like this:
. ._.
. ._.
Following the schematics, this should be ok. I guess I have to stick with the bus then. Documentation on this is somewhat limited. I'll try and find more and see if I can get it working. Should be as there are other who have multiple working via the I2C bus...


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