Re: W3DJS CI-V interface

Marty Hartwell

Hi John

The way this reads to me is, you are trying to hook up either two serial ports using the same

CI-V address to one radio, or maybe not mentioned is hooking up two different computers or

two different radios.

The two interfaces/serial ports should have two different ports ie, /dev/ttyUSB0 and /dev/ttyUSB1.

Or maybe in Icom world you may have to change computer the CI-V address, it seems something

is confusing either the computer or the rig.

Marty kd8bj

PS, I am really guessing here as I don't have nor have used an ICOM rig. Maybe someone else

will chime in here to try to help.

On 7/21/20 1:22 PM, John Brent - VA7WPN wrote:
I am trying to help a friend setup his W3DJS raspberry pi. He uses an IC-7000. We have two CI-V interfaces, both show up as ttyUSB0 when plugged in, but we cannot get JS8Call or any of the other software to connect to the radios without error. We have the CI-V baud Rate set to 9600, and the address is the default 70h.

In JS8Call we have the rig set to IC-7000, com port set to ttyUSB0, and baud rate set to 9600. But we get no connection, it does take a min trying, then we get an error. So I think its something were NOT doing right.

Any suggestions. We are using a CI-V interface, and a RadioShack 20-256 programming cable. Both have proven to work via windows.

John Brent

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