Re: Tnc-pi9k6 params

John G8BPQ

Zero and 12 aren’t used (they are used for KISS Data frames), The other
values up to 13 are shown in the pitnc_getparams response. 14 isn’t used. 15
1 is used by pitnc_getparams to read the parameters from the TNC, 15 2 and 3
are as mentioned below.


[] On Behalf Of N5XMT
Sent: 21 July 2020 16:28
Subject: [RaspberryPi-4-HamRadio] Tnc-pi9k6 params

Does anyone have a full list of what each of the setparams/getparams is?  I
know 15 2 is a reset, and on the old tnc-pi, 15 3 made it send the 2 tones 1
at a time for 5 seconds each.  The original tnc-pi also mentions a command
param of 14, but none of the docs list all available parameters.

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