Re: 9K6 TNC PCB layout and Teensy programming #pi #hampi

Arjan - PD3SPY

I'm on rpi4.  It's always available on i2c.
You can do pitnc_getparams 1 30 (30 is the decimal equivalent of hex 1e)
I'll try this next time I'm able to spend time at the hobby! Now away for work cor a few day ): thanks for the tip!

As the TNC seems to be running the most likely problems are with the pi serial port config or the setting of the serial port jumpers on the TNC board.
I have a board version with 2x3 pin header. Placed both jumpers on pin 2+3. Looking at the schematics this should be correct. Although unlikely, I might change my jumpers out for new one next time over to rule out any faults. Solder joints I have already checked...

Thanks all for the tips and help. Will try when I get back from work!


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