Re: IC-7300 for ARDOP / WinLink with Pi4

Basil Gunn

I made some notes helping a friend get his ic-7300 rig going with ARDOP here:

A common problem is that you have to make sure that the sound card number enumerated on the RPi must match the number you have in the .asoundrc file. List the sound cards seen on the RPi : aplay -l Look for a sound card named 'CODEC' which is the sound card name for the ic-7300. Find what Card number it is. Confirm that the card number matches the pcm line in the .asoundrc file. ie. if 'CODEC' is Card 1 then the line in .asoundrc should be: pcm "hw:1,0" Also make sure the serial device you are using ie. ttyUSB0 exists in the /dev directory. ls -al /dev/ttyU*

Once you get some results starting piardopc in a console you can start it up using systemd. Ignore the notes on the udrc/draws card, the internal sound card for the ic-7300 notes are in these notes as well.

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