Re: 9K6 TNC PCB layout and Teensy programming #pi #hampi

John G8BPQ

My latest Gerbers and Eagle files are in

I am currently using Arduino 1.8.9 and Teensyduino 1.47

The latest TeensyProjects is

John G8BPQ

On 17/07/2020 13:55, Arjan - PD3SPY wrote:

Hi all,

New to this group. I am from the Netherlands so shipping anything from the States is expensive. I managed to download a PCB layout but discovered when I wanted to start the soldering that it is not the same as in the description on Also the 'manual' didn't match the layout of my PCB.`

So, does anyone have the latest and greatest of an Eagle file or something I can use to make my own PCBs?


Further, since I got stuck with the soldering, I decided to turn my attention to programming the Teensy. I keep running into all sorts of error on my MAC so turned the old Windows machine on and it just about nearly complied but still ran into errors. So my question here is, which Arduino IDE version is supported and which Teensy download version goes with this Arduino IDE. I purchased a Teensy 3.6 board, should that make a difference.

Hope anyone can be of assistance! Thanks.



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