Re: Transmit message <...>0/zzzzzzzz in WSJT-x using W3DJS image window is too large for 7 inch screen

Dennis Blanchard

I came to the HamPi game late. I saw a video a week or two ago that talked about it, don't recall the fellow's call, something with 'OG' in it.I didn't realize that I came in at the middle of something that W3DJS was doing and didn't catch the name change. I still have the V1.0 image that I had initially used, I can put it back on. I should have paid more attention, instead of running off half-cocked and not paying attention to detail. My bad.

I think this announcement page covers things and gives links to the latest. Sorry for all the bother for everyone. Incidentally, the V1.0 did actually size properly on the 7 inch screen. I had to fiddle with a few things, but did get it to work properly.

See you all down the waterfall on on CW somewhere...

Dennis, K1YPP

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