Re: Transmit message <...>0/zzzzzzzz in WSJT-x using W3DJS image window is too large for 7 inch screen

Marty Hartwell

Hi Dennis

I may be wrong but there are two V1.0 products that Dave W3DJS produced the first one

was several months ago, unfortunately I removed all references to it so I can't tell what

it was called. The original had also a V2.0 with some add on programs. I think. The second

was named HamPi V1.0, that is the latest one with a lot more apps included. That is the one

I think you want, but the original was no slouch but had an automatic Hotspot that caused

some confusion which helped to cause the production of the second disk.

Now I hope I haven't caused even more confusion on this subject. Not intending that at


Good Luck.

Marty kd8bj

On 7/11/20 10:16 AM, Dennis Blanchard via wrote:
Now I'm really confused. V1.0 is the newest version. I still have the image for V1.0, before I get things really etched in stone, I should go to V1.0?

V1.0 seemed to have far fewer apps in it. I guess I could add them individually.

I'll have to find a place that has all of this information laid out so I can figure out what is going on. Talk about confusing.

Dennis, K1YPP

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