locked Threads and HamPi Licensing #hampi

Jerome Kutche

Hello Members. It had been brought to my attention the many  posts concerning HamPi Licensing as well as posts that are inflammatory. 

Good day members.. I am making a hasty post due to work constraints. however please note all below..

Steps I am taking and asking all moderators to back. Remove or disapprove of any posts concerning HamPi Licensing it does not need to be discussed here. 
Anyone wanting to discuss HamPi you have options.. 1) Subscribe to my new Group. Ham-Pi+subscribe@groups.io
2) Private message.3) USPOSTAL SERVICE. 
For the record I agree with John Wiseman's original Plan. But willing to work things out. To a point. All HamPi Licensing posts will be deleted if Approved. I ask they be unapproved. (Moderators) 
Do not expect a deleted thread that is resurrected to NOT be deleted. I try to go with the FREE SPEECH thing. 
Additionally I expect all personal attacks on ANYONE by ANYONE to not be approved. With further actions taken if needed. If someone has a heated opinion and you feel it is not a personal attack approve away. I have no issues with heated replies, as long as they are both not personal and not profane.

Again all Posts on the Topic of HamPi Licensing to be disapproved or deleted. 

I was asked a few weeks ago by a few members to block all Posts about HamPi. I do not feel this is a good idea.. Maybe I was wrong. But for now I will leave HamPi open. Just not HamPi Licensing. and ask that most of the HamPi Discussion be moved to my other group. There are 4 members there already and I asked them if they would like to be moderators.. They have first DIBS.. 
I personally feel HamPi is on Topic here to a degree since this is RPi-4-Ham Radio. Group.. it is kind of on topic. ??? But feel it has grown to merit its own Group.

Please be considerate of others. This is not a final word, Further steps may be taken if needed. 

I am open to comments but please send them direct RaspberryPi-4-HamRadio+owner@groups.io. and Allow 72 hours for a response. I am working 1st and 3rd Shifts at work 7 days a week  right now, and on call on 2nd shift. Appreciate everyone's hard work. and Understanding.

Lets move along in a positive way. 73 Jerry N9LYA 

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