locked Re: HamPi on a 128GB SD-Card

John Nicholas


I do not believe anyone is disagreeing with that statement.

I do think you do not understand our problem.  It is not a direct software problem; it is much more of a hardware problem.

To over write what ever is on the disc with the image;  the disk  must be mounted on the hardware.

I had two different computers,  1 MAC and 1 PC that refused to mount two different disks.  The option presented was some form of erase and reformat.  That process, allowed the disk image to be put on the disk overwriting the format that I had just completed.  In the end the the process you described showed the format did not matter to the overwrite.  The format did matter to the mounting process.

I think this entire thread should die a natural death.  


de KEoZUW  -  John

On Jul 7, 2020, at 9:23 AM, Jeff Palmer via groups.io <jeff@...> wrote:

OK,  Now I am trying to argue.

There are absolutes in this field.   Disk images ARE absolute.
writing them to a disk IS absolute.  It overwrites *everything* that
holds any old layout.  That is simply a fact. 

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