locked Re: Trying to put 'HamPi v1.0 by W3DJS' on a ##GB SD card.

John Nicholas


Are you a group Admin? Is there a file showing group etiquette?

Assuming you are not a group Admin:

I had a multiple message thread operating under the Subject Line I used.

There were several messages from other members responding to my questions. For ease of readability, I have for 25 years on various mailing lists, kept the context and the existing subject lines. That continues to keep the archives making sense over time.

If you had read the message in context it was obvious what the subject and question was. If you had been part of the thread, you would have known as well.

You can check the archives, it shows the whole context of the series of messages. I will not repost here to flood the list.


FYI: I did have to format the disc before my Mac or PC would allow me to flash the image to it.

On Jul 2, 2020, at 7:20 PM, chuck gelm <rpi4ham@gelm.net> wrote:

On 7/2/20 4:50 PM, John Nicholas wrote:
When I try that it says Disk not readable.

Hi, John:

Please, in your own words, tell us what you want.
Please use nouns, rather than pronouns.
i.e. Avoid 'this', 'that', 'it', ...

The 'Subject:' line in the thread you used may be errant...contains an edit and an old release name.
I recommend creating a new message with a 'Subject:' line that matches your topic.


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