Re: W3DJS Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Distribution v2.0 Released

chuck gelm <rpi4ham@...>

On 7/1/20 10:49 AM, N5XMT wrote:
.xz is not proprietary.  It was used because it has better compression than gzip.  Unless you want to download an 8g file instead of 3.7g
Got it. Thanks.

 I was in error stating that .xz is proprietary. Sorry.

'tar' supports '.xz' with the '-J' or '--xz' argument.
'unxz' is 'bullt-in' my current o/s.

On my home server, 'balena-etcher' worked (put image on media)...the torrent did not.
On one of my workstations, torrent worked...'balena-etcher' stalled writing to media.

 Next I will check the 'size-of' free space after booting.
I am wondering if the disk image was of a 16GB filesystem or smaller?

3s, Chuck

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