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Just covering the obvious here but the TNC-Pi is a completely different product than the TNC-Pi9k6 and the instructions for the TNC-Pi are not applicable to the -Pi9k6. 

Steve N8GNJ

On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 23:01 Don Munson <w4gfq@...> wrote:
First I am an operator and not a technician.  I can follow directions and to some extent do enough to get myself in trouble.  Having said that I purchased a TNC9k6 and have it running wiht a Raspberry PI 3B+.  Followed directions at ( downloaded the pitnc files, set them in the directory and set permission to execute by owner.  Verified with ls -l that all permissions and owner/group ids as well as my logge din user are all setup per the text.

when I run the ./pitnc_getparams /dev/serial0 0 - I get the notation that RPi is using Serial 0 then Com Open Failed: permission denied.

I'm at a loss.  Searching here provides a slew of comm errors dated years back that are not trying serial but  ./pitnc_getparams 0 0 - when I try that it defaults to a TTY device (AAM0?) and simply repeats "retrying" which purportedly means a configuration issue.  But what configuration it is straight out of the setup - I've tweaked nothing in the RPI configuration.


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