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Larry Dighera

On Wed, 24 Jun 2020 12:43:29 -0500, "John Nicholas"
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Thanks for all the info and the scripts.
You're welcome.

I should handle them easily with some practice. My Unix Command Line Skills have deteriorated over the last 15 years, with minimal usage.
Me too. And, Unix/Linux evolves over time, so it's difficult to stay
up to date if you're not continually using it.

I may come back with questions as I get into it.
I'll be looking forward to them.

1st Priority is supervise my SIL install a 6 meter and 10 meter dipole, perhaps one to night and one tomorrow night. I was installing them along with a 20 and 40 meter on the roof.
Once you've experienced the ~6dB gain of a hexbeam, you're station
will be forever changed. You can build one from plans here: . And, although the minimum height for
optimal performance in 24', they work remarkable well at much lower

Then I fell down some steps on the 13th and broke some ribs.
I'm sorry to hear that.

I got my General license in 2012, and promptly erected a hexbeam and
fan-dipole all by my self. (See: ) It
was difficult (and frightening) at my age. Now eight years older, I'm
unwilling to risk the roof, so I am unable to make repairs.

I got my tech and general tickets on March 14.
Congratulations. I passed both tests at one sitting too.

The HF stuff is set up and awaiting a tuned antenna. I’d like to make a few contacts with Field Day, then work on the Pi stuff.

de KE0ZUW John Nicholas
Amateur Radio General Class Operator
Member ARRL, Wichita ARC, & Air Capitol ARC
Grid Square EM17im

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