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Chuck M

Had similar problems when running Logitech wireless mouse and kb using fldigi and other apps.  Wireless is power hungry and may be the problem.  If you get a powered USB hub for the wireless dongle, that can make it work as well.  Usually can find USB 2.x powered hubs for a low price on ebay or Amazon.  Don't need USB 3 for wireless.

Didn't have the problem when running LIbreOffice or other apps.  Think it becomes an issue when processor is busy decoding the radio signals.  Possibly someone more knowledgeable on RPi can expand this further.


On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 6:22:18 PM EDT, Marty Hartwell <mhartwe@...> wrote:

Hi Stephen

I use a Logic brand keyboard and mouse set I got at Office Depot for about 15.00 Dollars

of so, which uses only one USB Bluetooth interface, so it opens one USB slot. I don't see

any lag time as in pauses using the mouse and not pausing during typing but my typing

has gotten slower for a while. Guess I need to get back to typing for more practice.

Marty kd8bj

On 6/24/20 5:14 PM, stephen shearer wrote:

I have been using my RPi both headless and with a monitor.

When sitting at the monitor, I have tried Bluetooth for the mouse and keyboard. 
I find that both mouse and keyboard get Hung for short periods of time.  I see it when I run wsjt-x.
I have not checked if it happens with a blank screen.
If I use a wired mouse/keyboard I don't see them hang. 

Am I doing something wrong?
Are others seeing the same thing?

Not a big deal but it would be nice to reduce USB ports required...

73, steve WB3LGC

I will be using my RPi for FT8/FT4 80M/40M during FD - 1E DE

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